Sunsocket solar

The only portable solar generator in the world that uses proprietary sun-tracking technology and LiFePO4 long life battery technology!



The high efficiency Mono-Crystalline 60 Watt PV panels inside the case pop up and automatically track the sunlight throughout the day while charging the internal 250 Wh battery. This means that you never have to worry about repositioning your solar panels, and you can power electronic devices such as laptops, multiple phones, or even an electric cooler throughout the entire day with good sunlight.  The generator charges itself in a speedy 5 HOURS!


The sun-tracking SunSocket™ Solar Generator is the most advanced and innovative portable energy solution in the world. It requires no add-on adapters, batteries, cords, or solar panels. Everything you need is already built into the portable and durable case, as well as our proprietary sun-tracking technology.



The SunSocket™ Solar Generator uses the best battery technology available known as Lithium Iron Phosphate or “LiFePO4”, NOT Lead Acid.  Most solar generators utilize Lead Acid battery technology which is extremely heavy and often needs replaced within a few years.  This 20Ah battery has a very long lifespan and can sit idle for years while only self-discharging at a minor 0-2% per month making our solar generator very ideal for anyone from a weekend camper to life long Prepper. 


Weighing in at only 25 Pounds, it is hard to believe so much power fits inside the slim case.  Anyone can carry this generator around with ease making it the only true portable solar 


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