• A solution to first aid chaos
  • Sturdy construction
  • Restockable


It’s clearly labelled inside a soft but durable bag.

Our KIT is unique and is the solution to your first aid chaos. Its sturdy construction, compartment oriented design and general ease of access sets it apart from any other First Aid Kit on the market. The Survival First Aid KIT is made of a series of compartments, with each compartment clearly labelled making restocking simpler. The label also includes what to use the component for.

One of the many unique and innovative features of our KIT is a removable panel for day to day use and a 3 part trauma section for those inevitable serious emergencies. The bag is made out of water resistant and heavy duty fabric, zips have pulls to help slippery hands grip, there is a reflective strip to help you see the KIT at night, and the belt loops mean you can wear the KIT any way you like. The resuscitation mask is in its own separate bag with gloves, antiseptic wipe and belt loops which allows you to carry it anywhere.

  • Weight of KIT = 1.5 kg
  • Dimensions of KIT = 26cm * 18cm * 10cm;

DAY-TO-DAY ITEMS – Easily unzipped panel which can be packed outside KIT for everyday use

  • 50 Adhesive dressings, individually wrapped
  • Pencil & notepad
  • Rust-resistant forceps (tweezers) with tip guard
  • Digital thermometer
  • 5 Disposable splinter probes
  • Blunt/sharp scissors, 12.5cm
  • Survival First Aid in Brief Booklet


  • 3 Packs of 3 sterile cotton gauze swabs, 7.5 cm x 7. 5 cm
  • 3 Elastic gauze bandages 5 cm, 7.5. cm, 10 cm
  • 10 Antiseptic wipes
  • 3 Sterile wound dressings (BPC No.15)
  • 12 Safety pins
  • Pocket pack tissues
  • 2 Individually packed sterile non-adhesive dry dressings, 10 cm x 10 cm
  • 3 Combine dressings, sterile
  • 2 Sterile eye pads
  • 3 Individual plastic bags
  • 2 Pairs nitrile gloves, large size
  • 4 Triangular bandages, BP quality
  • 2 Heavy weight crepe bandages, 7. 5 cm, 10 cm
  • 6 Saline (15ml)
  • 1 Bandage shears
  • Foil blanket
  • Roll 25 mm hypo-allergenic strapping tape
  • Disposable resuscitation face shield in separate pouch


Fold Out Section

The KIT includes a fold out section with a zipper on it that allows you to include your own items in the KIT to customise it to your exact needs. Just another reason why this KIT is a must have.

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