Ti2 PARA-BINER PARA – SYSTEM Kickstarter project.

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Sometimes you hew about a really good Idea, well thought and excited, well the Ti2 Para-Biner is one of those ideas.

THis is a Kickstarter project, thats well worth the investment.

The Ti2 Para-Biner was created for today’s “Paracord Generation” (myself included). Paracord is readily available and great for just about everything. The Para-system includes:

Para-Pulley (PB-7 and PB-9) — A first in market integrated carabiner pulley system specifically designed to be used with paracord. Use the Para-Pulley singularly for directional change and greatly reduce friction. Or, use 2+ Ti2 Para-Biners and create a “block and tackle” scenario for a 2 to 1 mechanical advantage.

The PB-7 Para-Pulley is made from Titanium (pin is stainless steel)

The PB-9 has 2 pulley options made from high strength bearing grade bronze 544 (pin is stainless steel)

  • Single pulley allows for lines up to 1/2″ diameter
  • Twin pulley for use with paracord.  Use (2) PB-9s with twin pulleys in a “Double Tackle” configuration for a 4 to 1 mechanical advantage.
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