Voodoo Tactical Field Medical Backpack in Rescue Red

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Our Voodoo Tactical Field Medical Pack is an excellent piece of gear for military, law enforcement of civilian medical personnel who need a convenient way to carry an extensive array of medical supplies and equipment into the field.

The pack is designed with multiple interior comparments and panels, each loaded with pockets, straps and other attachment points so you can load it with equipment. When you unzip a compartment, the panel is is designed to lie flat, providing full access to the necessary supplies. Also includes two removable carry bags for airways, tubes, masks and resuscitation kits.

The pack itself is made from heavy duty water-resistant material and incorporates a padded back that promotes air flow and contoured adjustable shoulder straps for comfort. It has a waist belt and compression straps as well as a grab handle on the top and side storage pockets.

This bag was previously available only in black, but due to popular demand we now offer it olive drab, coyote tan, and the Army’s ACU digital camouflage. We have a limited supply, so get them before they sell out again.

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