EagleEye Hero™ 20x


It is highly desirable to record photos and videos at a standoff distance. TPL has designed a unique solution providing standard GoPro Hero™3 housing together with 20x zoom lens that fits standard unmodified Hero camera.

EagleEye is waterproof, can be mounted on a tripod, Picatinny rail on a weapon system or even hand-held. The amazing GoPro camera can now record events up to 1km!

Hero™ cameras provide 12Mpixel photo and video recording capability, including 1080p at 60fps using standard H.264 format. Cameras can be remotely controlled by WiFi or smartphones or tablet. Devices can simultaneously record photos and videos and are waterproof (in housing) to 60 meters.

TPL offer a number of mounting solutions:

Hero™ 20x lens ships with a standard tripod mount adapter (1/4-20) and offers  optical 4.7 degrees FOV making it possible to record videos at ranges of up to 1km.

Alternative mounts with Picatinny rail and reverse Picatinny rail provide an ability  to mount the system on a weapon or surveillance instrument to record what  operator sees.

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